Friday, May 23, 2014

Review: Flawed by Kate Avelynn

Title: Flawed
Series: No
Reading Level: Mature Young Adult
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Release Date: January 22, 2013
Book: eBook
Recommended for: anyone looking for a dark YA romance


Sarah O’Brien is alive because of the pact she and her brother made twelve years ago — James will protect her from their violent father if she promises to never leave him. For years, she’s watched James destroy his life to save hers. If all he asks for in return is her affection, she’ll give it freely.

Until, with a tiny kiss and a broken mind, he asks for more than she can give.

Sam Donavon has been James’ best friend — and the boy Sarah’s had a crush on — for as long as she can remember. As their forbidden relationship deepens, Sarah knows she’s in trouble. Quiet, serious Sam has decided he’s going to save her. Neither of them realizes James is far more unstable than her father ever was, or that he’s not about to let Sarah forget her half of the pact . . .


(Just a little note: this book deals with incest, rape and abuse. May contain sexual scenes. Not for younger readers.)

Dark, heartbreaking, and beautifully written. This book is just perfect for me! I am glad I stumbled upon this book. Ugh, really really good. No unnecessary details that gets the story derailed. Kate Avelynn's writing is what I am looking for in a book. Right from the first chapter to the last chapter, the story flowed well effortlessly that I could NOT put it down. Seriously.

The characters are realistic. You know where they are all coming from. You will feel for them. Especially James. It's just so heartbreaking and painful how they are all tied in a web of complicated situations.

Sarah (to James):  Nobody understands me better than my brother – they can’t, not without having lived the life we have. This is exactly why I love him and why, no matter how much I love Sam, I’m not sure I want to completely abandon my brother. Or whether I can.

I understood what Sarah meant at that exact moment. At the end of the day, no matter how twisted, family is family. Honestly, I do NOT hate James. Sarah told the story very well. She remained hopeful until the end. I applaud her character. (If I were Sarah, I would have gone bonkers already and killed everyone.) She knows what she believes in and she did not get swayed despite all the demented situations around her.

And Sam! Sam!!! I want him. NOW! Somebody conjure him out of the book and make him real. The world needs more guys like him. He is just the perfect boyfriend for Sarah. He definitely has genuine intentions for Sarah. He is not taking advantage of Sarah's vulnerability. A guy saying no to sex is a rare gem.

Sam:Sex isn’t going to fix this. I can’t fix this, though you have no idea how bad I want to.”

And this:
Sarah: ‘You'd give up everything for me?’
Sam: ‘When are you going to get that you are everything?’

The ending --- WHYYYYY?! I want to punch someone in the face and I want to throw my eReader. Made me an emotional wreck, but I don't care. I can't help but ask for more! More, please! Just 336 pages and my life is never the same again.  (Kate, thank you for writing this book. But how can you do this to me? *sobs* *sobs*)

If you're interested, there are alternate endings :
But it was too late for me. I already went ballistic. Broke my heart already. *more sobs*

The title is FLAWED, but I tell you it is FLAWLESS!


5 hearts!
Must read! Must buy! BUY! NOW!

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