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Series Discussion: The Tomorrow People

The series that we are going to talk about today is The Tomorrow People.

(Note: May contain spoilers. You have been warned!)

What is The Tomorrow People all about?
Basically, TTP is about the next generation of human evolution, which is called The Tomorrow People. Thus, the title of the show. "Tomorrow" persons have powers. They can teleport, communicate telepathically, and can move objects (like cleaning your room in a matter of seconds! OR even moving you elsewhere if we find you annoying! HAHA.)

5 awesome hearts!!!

Reasons why we LOVE TTP?
Kyla: It's an awesome show because of their powers. A must watch by people who loves sci-fi and action.
Carmel: And not just one special power. There are actually 3 -- Telekinesis, Telepathy, and Teleportation. How cool is that?! (I want Telekinesis!)
Kyla:  I like the characters because they are a team and the show focuses on the group, not just on one person.
Carmel: The girls on the show are BAD-ASS!!! And the guys are hot. SCORCHING HOT!!!
More than anything though, the show values friendship (see Stephen and Russell, Stephen and John, Stephen and Astrid, John and Charlotte)

Evidences, ladies and gentlemen (GIFs on the side):
Let's discuss the characters!
Favorite character --
Kyla: Cara Coburn because she's a tough girl and she's very pretty!
Carmel: That would be John because he is MORE than a pretty face. He values his friends, fights for his love, and he just wants to make the world a better place.

Favorite villain or antihero --
Carmel: Uncle Jed!!!You get sooo annoyed by him one minute and then, you will feel for him. He makes you CHANGE your mind!!! He knows how to appeal to your human side. UGH!!!
Kyla: The Founder. He's purely evil, no further explanation needed.

Favorite sidekick --
Carmel: Asians always get the sidekick role and Russell did really a good job. He's the loyal and dependable one.
KylaRussell! He's a cool sidekick and I find him hilarious in some ways.

OTP! OTP! --
Carmel: Jastrid!!! Let's take a moment to realize that John wants to die with Astrid!!! Waaaaaah!!!
Kyla: Cara and Stephen. I can feel the connection between them. * feels*

Moving on to the story...

Favorite scene/s --

Kyla: The first time Cara and Stephen kissed and also when Russellid accidentally teleported with Uncle Jed to their lair. 
Carmel: I would have to agree on the scene where Russell teleported Uncle Jed to the lair. I was like, ' Uh oh! ' *hides as if I can see it all tumbling down*

Another would be scenes with John in it, seriously,  John is love. Sigh. To be specific the Skype conversation with John and Astrid and the train scene with John and Astrid.

Moments you DID NOT see coming --

Carmel: The ending!!! I bet everyone is asking WHYYY also. Secondly, Jastrid. I really thought Astrid would be forever tagged as Lady Friendzone. But it was a pleasant suprise! I did not expect that Jastrid would conjur all these feelings from me.

Kyla: That moment when I/we found out that Stephen's  mom is one of The Tomorrow People. I'm like 'Oh. My. Goodness.'

Lastly, the ending...

Your thoughts --

Carmel: WHYYYYYY, Uncle Jed?!!!

Kyla: I don't know what I'm really feeling. I am happy for John but there's a side of me that's sad because I felt like I've been betrayed by Uncle Jed. Ugh.

On having another season --

Carmel: Honestly, I am on the fence on this one. Knowing that John lost his memory, that would be a terrible season for  Jastrid fans. Devastating that Astrid would perpetually wait for John to regain his memory. But if they would stick on shipping Jastrid and the John would remember Astrid, then, it would be a YES!!!

Kyla: I am terrified. Yes,  terrified is the word. I don't want this show to be ruined like other shows I HAVE seen. This is a great show and I think one season is enough, but if there is going to be another season I hope it wouldn't disappoint me.

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