Wednesday, September 03, 2014

REVIEW: Stay by Deb Caletti

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary
Publisher: Random Simon Pulse
Release Date: April 10th 2012
Recommended for: everyone who likes realistic contemporary


Clara's relationship with Christian is intense from the start, and like nothing she’s ever experienced before. But what starts as devotion quickly becomes obsession, and it's almost too late before Clara realizes how far gone Christian is and what he's willing to do to make her stay.

Now Clara has left the city and Christian behind. No one back home has any idea where she is, but she still struggles to shake off her fear. She knows Christian won't let her go that easily, and that no matter how far she runs, it may not be far enough....
Stay was not actually on my to-be-read pile actually. What made me decide to read this was a tweet from Jessi Kirby. (I love her book,  . Go read that, too!)
True enough, I love it right from the very first paragraph. I love Clara's honesty. You would know what to expect from the very first page that this love story will not be full of fluff and that this will be heartbreaking. Let me just share the paragraph below. This is probably one of the best opening lines I have ever read.

This was my first Deb Caletti novel and I was not disappointed. The writing in Stay is full of raw emotion. It felt so real. Aside from the writing, the cover makes sense, too!

Deb Caletti did a wonderful job in creating Clara. She was very relatable and believable. I can personally relate to her and see myself agreeing to what she is saying. Her relationship with Christian is hard to explain. I will not say it was instalove because I don't know, there is really that connection you feel with certain people. That pull, that feeling that you are drawn to that person is something unexplainable.

Like any relationship, Clara and Christian had their memorable moments but that did not last long. It went downhill and everything went from magical to ugly. You can really feel Clara's pain and worries. She was afraid of losing him. She chose to stay.

On to the downside, Stay was divided into two parts: before and after. Alternately, you will read her life with Christian and her present life. I wish it was written in one time frame. I really did not like moving back and forth. It ruined the continuity for me. Another qualm would the book's length. I felt like it could be written in less than 313 pages.

 Overall, this book taught me something and I am happy that I read this. You should also read this. I think Stay will forever be relevant because it gave important reminder about unhealthy relationships. Aside from that, it is also a story of hope and forgiveness. Truly one of the truthful and poignant reads this year!


4 hearts
Beautifully written and I love the how the story flowed. If you love realistic stories, you should not miss this!
This definitely STAYS with me!

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