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Review: Branded by Mika Fox

by Mika Fox

Published December 16th 2014 by Createspace
Recommended for: Readers who loves to read fantasy novels with a strong heroine and a forbidden love story.
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Sora has always known loyalty. Above all else, she fights for the Order she belongs to, lives to protect it and its subjects; as an Asha, a warrior priestess, it's what she was born for, after all. But things become more complicated when she is charged with the protection of a young girl, one whom there is more to than meets the eye. As Sora comes to know her, as well as the dangerously charming mercenary she is forced to work with, she finds that colors and shades of grey begin to seep into her previously black and white world. After years of simplicity and rules, the change is just as tempting as it is terrifying.

Meanwhile, there is an old darkness on the rise, and as Sora discovers hidden sides of herself, she starts to realize that the world she thought she knew might not be as it seems. In the end, there will be nowhere to hide, and Sora's loyalty, heart, and conviction will be put to the test.


When I first saw this book, the cover was giving me Japanese feels because of the moon and tree branches. While I was reading the book, it indeed gave me Japanese feels because of the character names and the world building. This book is considered as a fantasy + romance novel but I guess it wasn't fantasy-ish as I'd expected. Somehow, in a small way, this book reminds me of Faith (a South Korean fantasy-historical TV series) because they both have special powers and warriors.

The characters are in this book are easy to like, well, most of them. Sora, the main character and an Asha (which means a warrior priestess), is a great heroine. I adore her determination and braveness through everything. I envy her, in a way, because she's a warrior priestess! Everybody knows her, adores her, respects her, and considers her as a good luck charm. While Linna is a fragile character but I like her since she seems so innocent about the things going on around her, she's really cute. Kai (whom I consider my favorite character in this book and my book boyfriend ^_^) is a dreamy, mysterious, and handsome character! He's a mercenary and he eventually falls in love with Sora. The time frame of their journey to the (main) Temple was about a week and a half but I don't consider it insta-love, the romance between Kai and Sora, I mean. They hated each other when they first met because Sora doesn't like mercenaries. Anyway, their journey to the temple was amazing.

The plot of this book is unique, I'm impressed with how Mika Fox came up with the idea of Branded. While reading this book, I can literally imagine everything that is being mentioned. It felt like there was a movie plating in my head. As I said it wasn't fantasy-ish but I'm glad the romance didn't quite overpower the story, too. I think that somehow both genres are showcased equally.

Even though the book started out slow for me, the pacing got better as I continued. There were actions but I can't say it was action-packed. Just enough actions. I would recommend this book to fantasy-romance lovers out there!

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