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Backlist Revival Project 6: All's Fair in Blog and War by Chrissie Peria

Can you believe it 2016 is halfway done?! This is the sixth BRP feature. In case you missed it, Mina Esguerra and I are doing Backlist Revival Project to help bring attention, new reviews, and new readers to books that are a few years old. We will feature a book per month and the featured book of the month is a contemporary romance that was published in 2014 or earlier. So, if you are interested to REVIEW books by Filipino authors, please let us know.
 For June, the featured book is ALL'S FAIR IN BLOG AND WAR by Chrissie Peria.
Publication Date: June 2013
Kindle Edition, 109 pages

Goodreads Synopsis:
Five Cuevas @fivetravels
Three guesses to where I'm going next. Starts with an M. Ends with a U. Has a lechon named after it. #travel

Twenty-something travel blogger Five thinks she has hit the jackpot when she gets invited to glittering Macau for an all-expense-paid bloggers tour. Think majestic old churches, sparkling casinos, exhilarating bungee jumps, and the world's most unforgettable egg tarts. The trip is practically perfect, except for one little glitch. She gets assigned to be travel buddies with Jesse, the world's most infuriating photo blogger, and it's definitely war at first sight.

Will Five let Jesse turn her dream vacation into a total nightmare? Or will falling in love be on the itinerary?

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Tell us what  ALL'S FAIR IN BLOG AND WAR is about in the length of a tweet.
A romance about feuding travel bloggers in a junket in Macau. Comes with egg tarts and #hashtags.
Where did you get the idea for this novel?
The place itself! I was very lucky to be part of a blogger's junket sponsored by Macau's tourism board, so I drew heavily on that for the junket parts of the story. Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet Jesse, but I got to taste a lot of the food they ate.

What made you decide to choose Macau as the setting? Is it because of the egg tarts?
I love egg tarts! The ones from Margaret's blew my mind and I still fondly remember that moment when I first bit into one. But that aside, I decided to write about Macau because it's not a common setting for romantic fiction which is a pity since it's such a lovely place to explore.

Can you think of 3 songs that go perfectly with your book?
Tough question!  All's Fair is a light-hearted story with lots of laughs and a sense of exploration. So it follows that I'll go with bubbly, uplifting songs about going after what you want. Here are some picks from my own library. Notice that they're all whimsical and about moving from one point to another.

Fly Me Away by Annie Little
A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton
The Show by Lenka

What was your favorite scene to write in  ALL'S FAIR IN BLOG AND WAR?

That's another tough question. Writing the Macau chapters were very enjoyable because I got to relive my own experiences (The PIE! incident really happened, guise!), but if I had to choose just one, the Macau Tower chapter stands out because writing friendly banter is always fun, and I got to explain why the MC was named Five. It was also one of the most challenging chapters to write because I had to make my imagination work overtime! Confession time: I visited the tower but I did not jump.

If you're curious, there's a snippet of theater actors Rachelle Coates and Gio Gahol reading from the chapter up on my blog, but if you want to hear the whole amazing performance, I suggest subscribing to the romanceclass podcast, because it's coming up on one of the future episodes.

About Chrissie Peria:
When not obsessing over fictional people doing fictional
things, Chrissie chases after a tiny human, a curly-haired
dog, bacon, and all the sleep she has lost over the years.
An advertising copywriter in her past life, she now spends
most of her time writing, cooking, and guzzling coffee. She
has two dreams: to write more books and to teach her
daughter to eat vegetables.

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