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#HeistClub Tour: Soul Makers by J. Guibone

Publication Date: June 25th 2016
Kindle Edition,  53 pages

Goodreads Synopsis:
Set in the urban streets of Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines:

Sabrina told Bart not to do it, but he had. Now Bart is missing. And there’s a corpse in his apartment. Sabrina has no other choice but to solve all the clues he left behind, without getting arrested for trespassing, while keeping her OCD under control.

Newly minted NBI Special Investigator Lyla Dixon doesn’t expect to meet her old flame, now private investigator, Hans Blanco at the crime scene. But when the crime reveals more questions than answers, they both have to put aside old hurts and work with someone they’re not even sure they should trust, the enigmatic Sabrina Eugenio, if they're to have a shot at finding a killer they never thought they’d ever encounter.

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Don't read Soul Makers if you hate powerful female characters with a dark side. But if you want to solve some clues and read further mystery cases, then read on.

What's the inspiration behind this book?
I like watching Criminal Minds and I've always loved wickedly good female heroes and villains. Let's admit it, there are a lot of unsolved crimes in the Philippines, and sometimes it's because people just look for the easiest explanations to solve a crime. But what if it's more than that, and because we don't imagine beyond that, we leave ourselves unprepared? This story was a way to explore that series of questions and present a situation that might not be usual, but could still happen. It's when we're complacent that disaster strikes, after all. 

So, who's your favorite CM character?
Hehe, it's Dr. Spencer Reid. He's smart and sweet. Also, he's worried that his greatest strength (his mind) will also be his weakness and will lead to his ruin (mental illness). It's amazing how knows so much, but still has a lot more to learn about people. Plus he's adorable, c'mon.

Can you think of 3 songs that go perfectly with your book?
Ooh... that's interesting. I think:
- Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson
- Demons by Imagine Dragons
- False King by Two Steps From Hell

If you could collaborate with any fictional character, who would it be?
Sherlock Holmes? I don't mind taking a back seat, as long as I get to see him in action. Aside from that, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys! Teen amateur detectives? Bring it on!
What was your favorite scene to write in Soul Makers?
Well, I really liked the first two chapters. I had to research much about crime scenes, and it's a bit different in the Philippines. Unfortunately we don't have much information available online. Describing the crime scene, though, will always be a fave of mine. I think as a crime writer and reader the crime scene signals the beginning of the story in a way that says, "This is the puzzle. Solve it. Ready, set, go!" Everyone has to pay attention to how the crime scene looks like, and whether anyone can pick up one or two clues and riddles ahead.

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About J. Guibone:
After teaching for three years as a high school English teacher, I decided to pursue my lifelong goal of writing stories for a living. While obtaining a Master's Degree, I run a book blog, The Book Tales, while working on my stories. I spend my days studying the human psyche, speculating on unsolved mysteries, and devouring books on the strange and uncanny.


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